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You want to be free. The purpose of this site is to promote the spread of freedom, inner and outer.

I am a human like you.

Life is short. Life is precious. And this world has the potential to be more wonderful than we can even imagine. However, we face serious obstacles, whether unjust institutions or our own untrained minds.

Nonetheless the will to freedom can never be extinguished. For tens of thousands of years, the human spirit has persevered – beyond unspeakable hardship. Against the harshest physical conditions, and all the weapons, money, and indoctrination in the world, humanity has rebelled and rebelled and struggled for all that is beautiful and good.

This site is dedicated to that will to freedom, whether analysing global political issues, or presenting practical techniques for making it through the day; giving advice on how to develop healthier relationships, or how to better manage our thoughts. After all, it is all life, it is all the world; everything is connected.

You can expect to read material drawing on anything which offers advancement towards freedom, whether Stoicism, Epicureanism, anarchism, Buddhism, cognitive behavioural therapy, Aristotle, logotherapy, positive psychology, scientific scepticism, humanism, or many other rich sources of insight. As Seneca said, ‘whatever is true is mine’.

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